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This program received 5 awards

No specific info about version 13.0 beta. Please visit the main page of XBMC Media Center on Software Informer.

Latest comments

  • 2
    Policy Maker 3 years ago
    — The best Media Center ever created!
    Pros: Linux, Apple, Windows, iOS supported. Extremely customizable. FREE!
    Cons: None

    This program is one of the best I've ever dealt with. It can do almost anything... well except for frying your own eggs.

  • 27
    Murtuza 3 years ago

    Version 10.5 is for Mac-Apple TV...
    For Windows its 9.11...

  • -1
    Guest 3 years ago

    XBMC Media Centre is an Ultimate Hub For Multimedia Contents.If one is really serious about to have Best Multimedia Experience,he must have XBMC.It's Freeware.

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